Reshade was pretty easy for me to get setup. Go download it, start the setup, point it towards the woff executable file and make sure its set to dx9. Then once that's all done I just jumped in a QC mission and let it load into the mission. The default key to open it up to mess with stuff is the home key. Don't... Don't try to open it too early tho. I tried opening it while it was still loading in the first time and it really didn't seem to like that. I ended up having to do a system restart to get woff to close properly. Oh, and remember to download all the shaders when it asks. Kinda the whole point, eh?

It's got a ton of different shader options, including one that I think you can use to set up psuedo vr? I'm not sure how it works, but it does the mirrored screen jazz with a slight offset. If we have anyone with a vr headset maybe they could test that out?

[Linked Image]

In other news, my B.E.12 pilot in 1916 found some time traveling Whippets. Curious slug beasts, playing in the dirt as they are.

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