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Subs,where is your proof? And don't point me to one of your idiotic youtube videos,thanks.

There are some hints mentioned in the Bible after Jesus died on the cross people kicked Mary and Mary of Magdalene out of their house. An Arkangel escorted them and the Apostles out of the town and into the desert where a Spaceship came in and took Mary to Heaven. They describe it as a flying chariot that ascended into the clouds.
More evidence exists on Earth in the form of monuments that were constructed after Noah's flood by Heaven using machinery, each one represents a scientific discovery in an earlier history that was achieved by Angel's on Earth. One is the rock cut in half in Ireland which is where the potato was discovered, for HumanKind people take for granted different food types but for a society that lived primarily on one type of food to discover other food types is a big deal. So there is reference here to a previous history, so why is it that there is more than one history? If a History has a bad ending then that would indicate a reason for it to be restarted, if it is restarted then it effects everyone even Sentient Alien life throughout the Universe is effected.

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