@Fenin - glad you got it up and running - it allows you to tweak so much if you choose. I just love how you can make adjustments and immediately see them in real time as you go with reshade. A real boon! WOFF already has very nice shaders to begin with (but it so wonderful to be able to enhance them!) - but take it to something like IL-2 1946 (which doesn't have very good shaders at all relatively) - and then throw in reshade - and BOOM. Great stuff.

@OVS @Pol - thank you very much! smile OVS - your skins are already amazing and that one is a real beaut! I have been trying to aim for as natural and realistic lighting and color as I can get (though that is subjective). Glad you like the shot, and again wonderful job on the skins! And what a beautiful sim this truly is - really atmospheric and simply sublime! Thanks for that Mark (and Mark). smile

@Adger - thanks for steering me to reshade to begin with and help me get it started! S! I used your starting settings but tweaked them a bit to my taste, but also added ambient light and some gentle HDR and whatnot. Love your shots - very clean, mood envoking - and they look great!

Win10/ i5-7600/ 16GB RAM/ GTX1660 Super