Last run was more focused on resource gathering - specifically Lithium, but I had some nice (and not so nice!) surprise finds.

I set out towards the floating island and pod 19. Lithium was at the top of my list to find, with the idea of making a larger capacity air tank. I needed 4 to do the job, and I had 3, so my plan was find one and run back to base to make the tank, then do some more exploring.

I got to the stone spires that, in my mind, marked the area that was rich in shale rocks and, by extension, lithium. I set about grabbing those things I could grab. Diamond! Crap! Gold! Crap! Diamond! Crap! Lithium! Finally!!
By now I had ventured into a new biome and my curiosity got the better of me. Rather than going back, I loaded my finds into one of the three storage lockers fit to my Seamoth and continued exploring. Something red on the cavern wall - is it? Why it's a Ruby! What's that green thing? Uranite? What the hell's that? Did something pee here? I grabbed it anyway, I'm sure I'll find a use for it. Something on the ground - round with glowing circular...things...on it - gel sack? Grab it - oh what's this? A new blueprint? Aerogel! Woohoo! Prawn suit here I come! Another new find - red blobs on the cavern floor - blood oil? Ok grab one of those and....benzene comes from it?

So much new stuff falling my way! At this point I need food and water. I can use my heat knife to slash and eat cooked fish, but I need to get water too, so back home I go. I return and take care of my water issue, and then set about making a few things. First up was the new and improved air tank. Much bigger in my inventory, but almost twice as much capacity as the "high capacity" tank I've been using. I decide to only make one so as not to eat up too much carry space.

I can make a water filtration unit, so I go ahead and do that. Prawn suit? Unfortunately I've used all my lithium, so no go on that....yet. Rather than go back to where I was (lithium was not very plentiful there, though I managed to find a few) I decided to set out to one of the pod signals I hadn't found yet. Pod 12 had a signal beacon, the rest were approximations, so I headed out there.

The beacon sits 250 deep, but that's doesn't worry me. It is somewhere off the bow of the Aurora. That does worry me. I head out anyway, thinking I can bail on it if I need to. As I get through the mushroom trees, I start to see some nastier looking beasties.

Starting with this guy.

[Linked Image]

I've seen him before, but this time he actually attacked me and damaged my ship a bit, so I decided to steer clear.

Then this little light show

[Linked Image]

Not sure what to make of him, so I'll just give him his space. He seems to come out of nowhere too, so that's both curious and frightening.

Then this little guy showed up.

[Linked Image]

It's a peeper, but it's like I'm on acid watching him with his little light show. At first I thought it was a bug in the game, but others didn't do it and he did. I decided to try scanning him and see if I got anything out of that exercise. There appeared in my PDA an entry about some special enzyme he may have in his gut. Not sure what to make of that, but it's filed away for future reference.

My scavenging got me a grand total of 1 lithium. A little discouraged, I started collecting other resources I had been ignoring while I focused on that one item. Eventually, I worked my way into the ocean just off the bow of the ship. Then I saw this....

[Linked Image]

Ok, that's enough for now. I think I'll head back! Lookie who I wound up coming face to face with!

[Linked Image]

This big guy is harmless, but it was still a bit disconcerting looking at THAT filling up my view!

Returned to the base and refit for another trip to pod 19-land. Travelling back, I came upon a trench and decided to go diving. And found these...

[Linked Image]

At the base of these trees are blood oil sacs. I gathered a bunch of them, but they take up a ton of space in my inventory so I didn't grab all I see. I also didn't have much need for them at the moment, so I'll leave the rest for when I need them.
Rubies rubies rubies! I now have a good supply of these!! I also grabbed a bunch of gel sacs; again I now have a decent count in my inventory. I didn't spend a LOT of time there, there some big nasties that just...appeared! I saw a round electrical discharge of sorts and they popped through, then popped out again. No idea what their story is, but I'll steer clear for now.

Eventually, I filled my Seamoth with all kinds of goodies, even the lithium I wanted so badly. Back home I went, where I crafted a new reinforced diving suit (using items based on the blood sacs) and my Prawn suit!

Of course, it's new toy and I had to play with it, so I ran around and tried it out. As awesome as it feels to punch the snot out of the strikers, I see some limitations. I don't dare take it into the deep trenches or jellyfish caves - I'll never get it out! Unless I can carry it there on the Cyclops, I'll have to stay with better terrain. I can however take it back to the areas around the wreck site and explore there with a little better armor. I'm thinking that will be my next adventure!

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