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Thank's Messyhead for the great work you done!!!

I also have seen that not all things were finished. I will do this, at the moment I'm a bit more advanced again with the 3D thing.

I think that nothing will effect the work you done, cause it's only some missing textures and some eyecandy for the collective etc.
Perhaps if anyone else want to do those things, feel free to make it. No problem here, cause I think we are are nice community now,
and can always share all the work anyone of us had done.

I also have to do the animation for the nose-sensors of the external model, but I think this will take also a while, cause I never really understood how animations working.

I will try to learn this also, but I believe I really will need help with this. winkngrin

I had to make some modiifications to the cockpit model as I worked on it. Mainly cutting some holes in the dashboard, but also changed a few textures.

I can start again on it when I'm back, and it'll let you get on with your Havoc project