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Admittedly, I'm guilty of having stepped over the line. The post went into an area that drives me nuts. I'm gonna bow out of the discussion since I don't believe it's going to head back onto it's original tracks. Apologies.

I do NOT apologize. If this is now "BibleHq" I'm done.

So you're the mirror image of Subs then. Right?

The ignore function works. I just added Subs and I'm a Bible believing Christian (and my Bible doesn’t contain any of the nonsense Subs is spewing so your blaming religion is off base. Subs is just "wrong" to put it in words I can use within the rules of the forum)

The reason why I mentioned Heaven is because some spaceships are actually from there including Tic Tac. Sentient Alien races do not possess that sort of technology, theirs is comparable to Earths fore they have a similar tech tree.

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