You're a Tigers fan? Just asking as it's funny that you are happy to see the best players get out of there. It's that bad eh? I had a look and yeah, not a good season, scored the fewest runs in the majors, 40 fewer than the next team, the Giants. What did they get in return for all of that talent. Didn't they trade away Upton, Wilson and Avila too? You'd think they'd have quite the haul for all of that. A run differential of -145 suggests that whatever they did get isn't ready for the majors yet.

Smyly had Tommy John surgery didn't he?

Phils swept the Mets. Those three wins bump their record in their last 10 to 3-7 biggrin

But hey, if I could choose just one team to beat, it would be the Mets. Get swept by the mighty Marlins, and then sweep the Mets. Seems about right. Phils must lead the league in home runs surrendered. Every night it's a bomb show.

It's the Marlins, not the Giants with the second fewest runs scored, and Detroit is only 12 behind the Marlins. The Marlins would probably be last if they hadn't just played the Phillies.

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