A map! A MAP!! What I wouldn't have given for a map! Haha, or I could have had fewer beacons deployed anyway smile

Nice base by the way. No fuss, just the facts. You should add an observatory with a table and a chair or two for sipping your morning coffee while reading the latest edition of Water Worlds World.

The rest should go in spoilers I believe.

The jellyshroom cave is one of my favorite places in the game. The second base screenshot is obviously in there. Lots of thermal power and a nice ambience. You may have found it, but in the first room in that jellyshroom Degasi base there is a PDA in the top of a locker that's hard to spot. I missed it first time since I was staying low to avoid the hangers

Water filtration is awesome, I had it in every base in my survival run. But be aware it takes a lot of power to run. It will make two very large water and two salt. It only consumes power while filtering. Once those slots are full it will shut down. I just left the salt so all it had to do was produce water and therefore ran less. You'll find the rubies and gelsacks a bit deeper down. Ever down smile

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure