Since I unlocked some wonderful new toys for my seabase, I decided to completely re-make my old base. I'm more of a minimalist by nature, so the new base is more bare bones, but seems like it has far more room than the previous base had.

Here's the prior incarnation:

[Linked Image]

...and here's the new version. I gotta get some quartz and make a couple of windows for the moonpool!

[Linked Image]

Of course this entailed getting every bit of material out of all the lockers in the old bits of base and making new lockers and transporting them, which was a bit annoying but I did it anyway.

Then I set off the check out the jellyshroom caves I had been exploring earlier. I should mention I'm using this map mod
I've been using it since I started (along with a few others) and didn't realize there wasn't an actual map in the vanilla game. It's a pity, this is quite helpful. The map has a fog of war feature, so nothing I haven't traveled to is revealed (no spoilers), but
things like wrecks and thermal vents have icons on them, as do active beacons. This is very helpful for planning, and I recommend the mod wholeheartedly.

Anyway, onto the advenure...

I went back to the jellyshroom cave where I found the foundation and cargo crates and started exploring deeper. I had to be careful, as the snakes (I don't know the real name of them, they are too aggressive to scan for me right now) that live in the shrooms beat the hell out of my Seamoth when they get a chance. A few times I had to park it and repair it, one time the craft was down to 5%!

I found a habitat in what I think was the middle of the cavern, in it was a PDA with a beacon location to a full base. I set out to find that. Again, I was more searching for that beacon rather than exploring. When I've gotten something a little beefier (Prawn suit? Cyclops?) I will explore them more thoroughly. There are large rocks of materials I can't mine at the moment, and I"m sure I'll be needing them. My guess is the Prawn suit will be the answer there.

Following the beacon, I came upon the last(?) Degasi seabase. I carefully cruised around outside of it. I kept getting attacked by the snakes, so I tried turning off my light, thinking it was drawing them to me. I may have been right, as the attacks seemed to subside after that (or I may have been imagining it!) I found a place that seemed like it may be fairly safe to park and got out to explore around the base. I found a broken section that gave me access to the interior. I also picked up a few more PDAs, which detailed more of the story. In the first room, I found a water filtration system. My new mission is to get this built ASAP! No more hunting for salt, coral tubes, or bladderfish! I'll have to unlock that #%&*$# Aerogel. So my new mission really is to find whatever I need to get that Aerogel unlocked!

There is a luminescent hanging vine in throughout the base. I found out these are dangerous - they will do damage if you make contact. I kept an eye on my health, it didn't seem like there was too much damage, and I was carrying a few medkits, so I was not too concerned. I traveled through the base, trying to scan every piece I came in contact with. There didn't seem to be much outside of the water system though. I found a couple more PDA's and my O2 alert went off. Time to get out and back to the moth to air up.
Unfortunately, I went way too close to one of the damaging plants, and died! I woke up back at my base.

My Seamoth was down in the cavern, and I didn't think I'd stand a chance of getting to it before my air ran out or I got killed by the snakes, so I decided to rescue my other Seamoth I had left at the island. I picked it up without incident, and returned to my base to make a depth mod for it. Once it was equipped, I started following the beacon to my other craft & Degasi base. My surprise was how close it seemed. Apparently I traveled through the caverns a good way back toward my base. I hadn't realized that it was that close. Following the beacon, I found another entrance to the caverns. One of the PDA diaries I had read mentioned the main base was close to an entrance, and it was true.

I worked my way to the base (again!) and found my other moth. It was intact, apparently unmolested by the snakes! I parked and went in to the base to make sure I didn't miss anything important. I can't recall for sure, but I may have gotten one more PDA entry from it but nothing more. I returned to my 2nd moth, and it had gotten trashed by the snakes - down to 5% as I mentioned before. I fixed it up, and travelled up to the opening of the cavern. It would serve as a beacon for me with the other one.

Returning to my first moth, I found and unlocked the modification station just next to it. I looked around for other items to unlock, but there wasn't anything new to me there, so I returned to the moth. The trip back to the base was uneventful, as was my return to the other moth and its return to base. I've got two now at my base, the only difference is the color (I changed the color accidently when messing around with the vehicle modification station and never bothered to fix it) and the fact that one has storage lockers on it.

I also built the modification station in my base, and looked through some of the toys there. I'm going to go harvest some lithium next chance I get so I can get a better air tank, I also make a better set of fins and a heatknife. Good thing I have a battery charger, it looks like I'll be going through quite a few batteries!

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