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Wow Messyhead! Now the whole cockpit really gets realistic. Great work!!!

I'm looking for a way to rotate the view arround an object or polygon you selected in the perspective viewport and couldn't find the key-combination for it. It's a real pain to rotate the whole view arround a fixed center point and then adjusting the view again to center your selected part. Do you know the command for this?

Thank's in advance!

If you press Shift A, then it should centre on the selected polygons. You can then use the rotate icon in the top right to rotate around the selection.

I think if you hold Alt, and use the left mouse, it also rotates, but I think that rotates around your cursor rather than the selection. I've not looked into that key shortcut yet.


I found this. It says if you press G you can centre around the cursor, so that might help with rotating using Alt key.


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