@Adger, glad you're liking the screenies, yours are always top-notch, desktop wallpaper quality
@all, wonderful shots everyone, keep them coming
@Duke, we are doing the following to get such crisp graphics:

1. running ver. 4.18 of WOFFue
2. running the Bucksnort SweetFX mod (JSGME-enabled)
3. running my "subtle bloom" sweetfx settings file in the Bucksnort mod, available in the bottom post, after the pictures, at:


I also recommend grabbing my other files here, before loading the subtle bloom file from the link above:


4. running the following settings in the compositetexturebudgets.xml file located under OBDWW1/terrains, as per my WOFFue on a Mac thread:

<Budgets PatchPixelDim="512" MinPatchDimUseThumb="4096">

for all of the different "Rings" level entries in compositetexturebudgets.xml, use the following for crisper graphics when in low-alt dogfights or for sightseeing:

<Ring PatchWorldDim="32768" RingDim="3" MinMaskRadius="65536"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="16384" RingDim="4" MinMaskRadius="53248"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="8192" RingDim="4" MinMaskRadius="40960"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="4096" RingDim="4" MinMaskRadius="24576"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="6" MinMaskRadius="12288"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="6" MinMaskRadius="6144"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="6" MinMaskRadius="4096"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="8" MinMaskRadius="1536"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="8" MinMaskRadius="768"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="64" RingDim="8" MinMaskRadius="384"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="32" RingDim="8" MinMaskRadius="128" DetailTileCount="6"/>

5. running the "LOD Bias" value for the video card at -1 instead of the default of 0

Those who are running ReShade on ver. 4.24 of WOFFue might be able to reduplicate such settings too - ReShade is a no-go on my Mac unfortunately - but I'm hoping that SweetFX will eventually become compatible with the newer shaders in the latest WOFFue updates.

Representative screenies below (of ver. 4.18 with the tweaks listed in this post).

Happy flying all,
Von S smile2

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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