I've got most of the needles working now. The engine temp dials and blade pitch are borrowed from the Hind. I also fixed the position of the compass.

The Fuel needle is there, but the scale is wrong, so I need to work on that. The Blackshark actually has 2 fuel tanks, one in front, one in the back. Each hold just under 800kg of fuel. So the gauge is meant to show 2 needles, one for each tank. So I need to either work out how to add an additional fuel tank, and have the needles for each (I think this might have been done in the advanced Apache code), or just do a combined fuel weight, and ignore that the numbers on the dial are wrong. I suppose I could also just keep it as a combined weight, and half it for each needle.

Only ones left to add are the clock, and ADI which will also be borrowed from the Hind. The Gmeter also needs done, but it is slightly different as it shows 3 needles, ones for the min and max G over a mission, and one for the current G. So far all the helos only have the current G needle. So if I want to add the other 2 needles, there's some additional coding to work out.

I'm away for 2 weeks holiday this weekend, so I'll probably not get a lot else done before I go.

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