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It is possible to go faster than the speed of light, all that it requires is a decent power plant on a spaceship in order to accomplish it. The effect of travelling at the speed of light or slightly higher is that it would take just 30 minutes or less to reach Mars orbit. Contrary to Einstein's theory there is no physical barrier regarding the speed of light and speed does not compress an object into an infinite line which later travels backwards.

So I guess all those experiments on time dilation they have verified with atomic clocks are bunk?

No, we can't travel faster than the speed of light in a linear fashion for a multitude of reasons. If we could, then we already would have, since all we need is a decent power plant, right? Likewise, in all our astronomical observations, why have we yet to observe a particle that does. You'd think a supernova might be able to push matter faster, but even /they/ are limited by the upper bound of the speed of light when they explode.

Also, one minor nitpick: you can't travel backwards in time. Can't be done, not in a traditional sci-fi sense. The accelerating expansion of the Universe prevents this.

But what we /might/ be able to do is fold space and travel through it, or exit space and re-enter it... though I'd argue the former may be easier than the latter.

Yeah those people are wrong so here is a few things that people need to know, we'll start off simple.
A wormhole has two points that are sphere shaped, we can observe them in the Universe in the form of Black Holes, Sunspots(which is where we see the wormhole to the stars fuel dimension), Pacific ring of fire(wormhole exit points with their entry point being in the suns upper atmosphere and even in Sinai and Israel there are wormhole exit points that emit water which is from the Exodus.






So in order to understand time one needs to understand know more about wormholes and dimensions and how time is constant in all of them unless there is movement in time as in time travel. An object also has a presence in time which can be duplicated. There is no space time either it is just time and it is constant. BTW the Universe is not expanding, there is no expansion, our Galaxy the Milky Way is stationary while we can see other Galaxies still moving. The Universe is inside a dimension it has a wall, that dimension is tiny compared to other dimensions which were naturally formed, the very first dimension goes on forever in all directions and that is where gravity element and wormhole element naturally form in a vacuum environment which is what led to God's creation.
Some theories soon to be debunked: the Big Bang theory, Theory of Evolution, String Theory, Einstein's theory of Relativity, Time Dilation. (Fly in a spaceship and you shall find that time is constant with and without the presence of Gravity.)
Things to remember:
1 A theory is not science it is a theory.
2 While a theory is on the bench it needs to be proven in order to become science.

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