Thanks DB! I'm enjoying writing these up almost as much as doing them in the first place!.
Last night I did a little base-building work. I got the moonpool up and running. Unfortunately, with my base set up as it was it's not quite an elegant solution. I'll grab a screenshot and show you, but it's easier for me to
dive out of the bottom and enter the main part of the base through the main entry. It's a little lacking, but I feel like my time in this base is almost at an end. I'll need to reload some materials, but I'm getting to the point where
it may make sense to relocate Not yet, but soon.

Using the moonpool, I fabricated a couple of storage units for my SeaMoth. I Vehicle Mod station in place too, but dismantled it when I realized all it was good for was re-skinning my ship. I'm not really interested in that.

Of course, putting that in place killed my structural integrity, so I spent a good bit of time making reinforcements and repairing leaks. I'll need to throw another couple of solar panels on as well, I'm pretty sure I'm in an energy deficit,
I'll have to double check tonight.

I felt like I finished the Degasi storyline and was kinda looking at where to concentrate next, but I saw something that made me re-think that assessment.

I found a cave with jellyshrooms at the entrance, and it turns out there's an underwater cavern that is full of them. I didn't have much time to look around, but I did see a few things of note. First, some rather nasty snake-like things that kept trying to taste the Seamoth. I have no doubt they would make short work of me too. Second, there was a small structure there - a foundation and some cargo crates. They looked aged, so I'm guessing they were from the Degasi crew. There was mention in some of the downloaded information about an underwater base. I may be close to it. I'll have to investigate the cavern more fully.

Other than that, I didn't get much in last night. I'll have to make up for it tonight!

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