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I don't mean any disrespect, but I don't find the bible based answers helpful. Those are faith based responses you either accept based upon your religious beliefs or you don't.
I want to know what those pilots saw- what factual data do we have of these encounters, and what the possibilities are.
Their targeting systems achieved lock on an object. That seems to be fairly solid proof something was there. Do the flight characteristics of those objects match any known terrestrial technology under development or in planning?

Per an interview with one of the pilots who saw the object: no.

Anything that can accelerate from zero to two thousand miles per hour in a single second would debilitate most men. That's basically 91 gs.... Then do it repeatedly.

Technically there are theoretical techniques you can use to alleviate most of the dangers involved that I have written about in a sci-fi novel I hope to have published someday, but I think even the stresses at that extreme would be fatal. 30 sustained gs... likely no problem. 90? Doubtful.

So no. And then there's the whole propulsion system that would enable 90 degree movements and instantaneous acceleration. And a powerplant to power the engines... And all of that and the fuel and structure and more being light enough but strong enough to not tear itself apart when battling such inertia.

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