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Just watched Free Solo. That was awesome.... Impressive. woot The cinematography alone is worth the watch especially if you have a big a$$ 4K TV.

Free Solo inspired me to watch The Dawn Wall, about Tommy Caldwell (Alex's training partner in Free Solo) and Kevin Jorgeson climbing up the Dawn Wall section of El Cap. Equally impressive documentary. Tommy has been through a lot of sh!t in his life leading up to his climb. I can't even imagine the situation he and his friends faced in Kyrgyzstan. That sh!t will change you forever.

Yeah, the wife and I watched Dawn Wall the next day after we watched Free Solo. Equally impressive, especially the part where Caldwell abandons his climb and goes back down again to where Jorgeson was stuck. And then Jorgeson proceeds to nail the impossible traverse. Impressive stuff! Two of my favourite documentaries!

To funny, I have them both and must be to old watch them now. I go to pieces watching this now. When use to free climb cliffs that should have killed me as a youth. 300ft rock walls. Studied them
closely and chose my line, even climbing around those that were roped up.

Guess I have come full circle.

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