Can now confirm that ver. 4.24 runs beautifully on the Mac too (in Bootcamp) - set up should be fairly smooth in WineSkin too for those running it that way. One tip for those upgrading from a previous version to 4.24 on the Mac - if you are running the populated airfields mod (not the big one but the lighter, standalone variant of that mod), and before upgrading, go into OBDSoftware/WOFF/WOFFScenery/Facilities/Infrastructure in your current WOFF install and make a backup of the "Airfields" folder there, and place it somewhere safe. Make sure to do this while your populated airfields mod is enabled in JSGME.

Then, once you've disabled all mods and upgraded to ver. 4.24, enable your favorite mods again and open your upgraded version of WOFF, and load one or two quick combat missions.

If you see a dialogue box popping up which reads that "such and such an airfield xml file could not be populated," don't worry - simply quit your upgraded WOFF and copy over the "Airfields" folder that you backed up prior to upgrading - replacing the Infrastructure/Airfields folder in your current, ver. 4.24 (now modded) WOFF install. This should get rid of those could-not-populate airfield errors.

Other good news: with the upgraded shaders in ver. 4.24, terrain shadows may be run at the max. value of 3 - with no shadow flickering on AMD cards on a Mac. Also good is to double the cloud density/shadow values from about 3 to 6, with no noticeable impact on frame rates.

Further info.: Neither SweetFX nor ReShade work on the Mac in Bootcamp on ver. 4.24 of WOFFue, but the stock shaders are quite impressive on their own. A newer version of SweetFX (if it's still being updated...?) might work in the future. Also, the good old "EnhancedCockpitView.20170127" JSGME-enabled mod recommended by Panama Red and that I've been using as late as the ver. 4.18 update of WOFFue to squeeze out a few more frames per second is not compatible with ver. 4.24 and the new shaders. Fortunately it's no longer needed - frame rates seem on par in ver. 4.24 with rates using the cockpit view mod loaded into ver. 4.18.

Couple of pics. below of ver. 4.24 working smoothly on the Mac.

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

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