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There is no such thing as Nephilim...

The Bible says otherwise. That is, if you believe in the Bible...or at least that part of it.

In any case, there's a lesson for us in the story of the Nephilim (rather, regarding their angelic-turned-human fathers)...

And that is that those angles *really* wanted to get jiggy with the ladies (which is why they fell, to participate in human sex). Yet they cultivated that desire with zero free-testosterone running through their non-existent veins. The lesson is that wanting to knock boots starts in the mind and the body follows (apparently even before you have a body biggrin ). So don't worry if you have less than stellar middle-age T (but do eat right and try to build muscle to keep it naturally higher, better for your overall health).

But good Lord those babes must have been hot for them to go through that much trouble!


What a weird ass thread, just trying to do my part to contribute. wink

Angels are created the same as the first Humankind. So they are no different than people, an Arkangel is a taller person which is an upgraded Chasis designed to defend Heaven. The Bible says that there are Nephilim- that was put there by a person and the whole story of abducting people never happened.
How the first Angel was created is God was created inside a chamber made of wormhole element and reverse-engineered the process from which he was created and that is how God created the first Angel whose first words were "Batch!" So he is called Batch, Batch died and his soul died but was later recovered.
God created his first planet and made chambers to create Angels, the planet did not rotate and did not have a moon or star. The next Angel created first words were "Gabriel!" and so God named him Gabriel. Later God created more Angels the same way then one day God placed his finger by accident in the wrong place inside the chamber which had a reverse process which resulted in the first female whose first words were "Angela!" Angela later died after being killed by God, later God(Angela was also later recovered) created another female whose first words were "Mary!" God later formed a relationship with Mary then one day they discovered intercourse by accident which led to Mary eventually getting pregnant and giving birth to a son whose first words were "Jesus!" So God, Mary and Jesus later came to Earth as Joseph, Mary and Jesus of Nazareth.
The word Human comes from an Angel who is a woman whose first words upon being created were "Human!" Human was among a batch of Angels sent to a planet called "Planet 1" which we on this day call Earth. When we see the monuments on Earth what we are seeing is locations where something happened in a previous History and that is why those monuments are there. So time travel was discovered in the first History and that is why we have more than one History. To achieve time travel a society must have extremely high technology including Space Ships and Artificial Intelligence which is what Heaven has on this day. It would seem far fetched to everybody unless they saw physical evidence to reinforce the idea of not only Creation but also Time Travel. What would be the reason for Time travel...it is because HumanKind in the first History all died.
I read all of this from somewhere else and also saw videos about it, the science is difficult for people to grasp particularly wormholes and dimensions so hopefully there will be some more videos which explain this better suffice to say that the evidence of creation and the science behind it is 100%. There is no other way or reason to create a planet, star or moon or life.

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