That's what I thought when I went back and saw it!
So last night I went back to the island, and rescued my Seamoth!

I headed back to the island, using my trusty beached Seamoth as a waypoint. Along the way I found a piece of wreckage, did a little looking and unlocked the stasis rifle and the Moonpool! After finding a few data pads and a Cyclops upgrade in the wreckage I set back on course for the floating island.

After arriving, I grabbed my propulsion cannon and decided to attempt to free my stuck Seamoth. It was easily dislodged, and now I've got two usable craft! I then set about circumnavigating the island. After finding nothing of note in doing so, I dove under the island and surface in the "lake" in the center of it. I found the structure I had seen before and set out for it on foot. Looking at my map, two pieces of wreckage showed up on the island, so I figured I would look for those as well.

I came upon the structure, and it turned out to be a long abandoned modular structure, similar to what I can build using the habitat tool. Looking again at the map, I noted that it appears that the structure was what the wreck markers on the map were referring to. I poked around, and it was pretty rewarding - I unlocked the Multipurpose room, exterior garden, bulkhead, and spotlight. I also found a few data pads. This was the home of the survivors of the Degasi apparently. After they crashed on this planet, they set up a shelter here. Looking around, I saw another structure. From where I stood, it looked similar to where I was. I set out for it.

After arriving and confirming it was indeed another habitat structure, I scanned an Observatory and interior garden into my blueprint inventory. Data pads confirmed this as Degasi-survivor built. The Torgal family spent some time here. An entry from Paul's son Bart confirmed that Paul and another member of their group had indeed died here. Bart also references some underwater exploration and says "they don't want us here." Who? An indigenous sentient species? Other denizens of the deep? Aliens? I know there are alien structures here - I've seen and scanned them - are the builders still here? And of course, what brought down the Degasi in the first place? And the Aurora? And the Sunbeam?

Solving the mystery of the Degasi seems to have opened up some other questions. I've visited three habitats so far, and I see a fourth in the distance. I'll be heading there next.

When I'm done with the island, I'll need to find some sources of a few items - rubies and magnetite are at the top of the list. I also need to find a blueprint for Aerogel (and its components) so I can make a Prawn suit, as well as finish unlocking the Cyclops blueprint. My guess is that there is a plant I need to harvest to unlock Aerogel. That is what happened with silicone rubber, so I'm guessing it will be case here as well.

I imagine I'll be looking for a new base location a little closer to some of these sources as well.

Oh and there are still a few lifepods I haven't located yet!

Elite Dangerous: CMDR JohnnyChemo
MWO: Johnny Keemo

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