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What is this? Why is the Bible even in this discussion?

There are truths in that Book, but all I see here is hijacking of truth for the purpose of an agenda...

The bible indeed should not be in this discussion. There are truths in the bible, but not facts. It's often ridiculed for not being very scientifically accurate - well it's a book written 1500 years before the scientific principle existed. Fundamentalists like to try to prove written (and often poorly translated) passages, entirely missing the point.

But anyway. I read somewhere about the possibility of archetypes being the culprit here. It seems unlikely tech advanced beings are apparently flying about with impunity right at the time when we're launching rockets into space, while the witness of miracles and apparitions has dropped off, all in synchronisation with our own tech levels. The idea is that there are archetypes that a culture will apply to anything that can't be understood, so strange happenings in the past have been spirits, gods, divine appearances, miracles, and now aliens. It might be possible that there is something odd happening here & there, but that the interpretation by our psyches is driving the observation.


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