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There is no such thing as Nephilim...

The Bible says otherwise. That is, if you believe in the Bible...or at least that part of it.

In any case, there's a lesson for us in the story of the Nephilim (rather, regarding their angelic-turned-human fathers)...

And that is that those angles *really* wanted to get jiggy with the ladies (which is why they fell, to participate in human sex). Yet they cultivated that desire with zero free-testosterone running through their non-existent veins. The lesson is that wanting to knock boots starts in the mind and the body follows (apparently even before you have a body biggrin ). So don't worry if you have less than stellar middle-age T (but do eat right and try to build muscle to keep it naturally higher, better for your overall health).

But good Lord those babes must have been hot for them to go through that much trouble!


What a weird ass thread, just trying to do my part to contribute. wink

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The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly it’s day again
The sun is in the east
Even though the day is done
Two suns in the sunset, hmph
Could be the human race is run