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I have a theory about the (either "creation" or "emergence") of life on any planet, anywhere.

It is complete conjecture in my own head, period...

I think it's entirely possible that it actually requires a GALAXY in order to form all the necessary elements, via supernovae, degenerate star collisions, etc, over immense timescales, to even make it possible at all...

I also think it's entirely possible that even if a galaxy manages to produce the right elements not all of them will result in the "creation or emergence" of life...

To those who want to throw a "God" angle into this - what's to say said "God" isn't playing by his own physical laws HE created for THIS UNIVERSE, that HE created?

After all, HE would be ABOVE this universe - and could have many of them, playing by the rules of each one, that HE CREATED......

The bible was interfered with by Satan which is why it says that God created the universe in 6 days. The reality is that it took God much longer, Earth was created by hand. The process of creating a planet involves God using a red rod that is wormhole element which can create wormholes, wormholes emitting particles, dimensions and it can also be used to cut using wormhole cutting. That is why sometimes when you see on Earth a sphere or round shape formation of rock then it would be from wormhole cutting.
God always starts first with the planets shell which takes 400 million years to create. God uses a tube shaped furnace that works similar to our sun by having a catalyst line the inside which reacts when a particular flake makes contact with it. Another type of flake is melted which cools and turns to rock. With this God makes the shell then when he as a sphere God then cuts it by using interdimensional wormhole cutting at the equator. From here God places gravity element inside the shell which must be evenly spaced, the gravity element is pear shaped and is very difficult to work with as it has polarity and moves when it is emitted from a wormhole. The gravity element is placed then four gravity element crystals are laid on their side which produces planet rotation which is required for heat distribution for the planet. A mechanical device is place in the centre which consists of 1 gravity crystal which is involved in planet tilt for seasons. The two shell halves are mated together and fused by use of a ring shaped furnace. And that is how God creates a planet shell, the gravity crystals instantly form an atmosphere which can contain air. I am the Arkangel Daniel and I am from Heaven.

The next part God uses the wormholes to emit particles of flakes that are melted by the furnace to produce layers of rock 400 miles thick then the magma chamber is created which consists of a compound similar to rock that melts at 4000 degrees celsius. This layer is powder then on top is layers of rock carefully melted on top as one piece. Then layers of sediment, dirt and sand followed by terraforming for the surface which involves huge plant machinery including diggers, bulldozers and other plant machinery. At this stage the planet and galaxy are at the worksite so it ends there. God also creates the rock formations for Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus rings which are then loaded onto a spaceship called a shepherd. Another shepherd carries 4 comets. Then when the galaxy is ready the Holy Spirit moves the galaxy slowly via gravity as one piece utilizing the pivot star as a dimensional focal point. As one unit without any stars! The journey takes another 400 million years before the Milky way arrives at its destination the centre of the Universe. I am the Arkangel Daniel and I am from Heaven.

This is a quote from another forum but it does explain some things about how the Earth was created and how the magma layer, gravity and atmosphere were placed.

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