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Bear in mind, Blast, that I'm not saying this is the case. Simply that my scenario has just as good a chance of being accurate as yours. The intellectual elite like to assume that peace, reason, and cooperation will always prevail, but the fact is that we are on the brink of interstellar travel (probably 200 years away or less) and the "I want what he has and I'll take it by force, if necessary" mindset that leads to war has not diminished significantly from mankind since the first humanoid struck down his neighbor for a scrap of food rather than find his own.

Ain't that the truth. The biggest accomplishment man can claim in the last 100,000 years is going from taking centuries to kill themselves off to having the capability of wiping out the majority of life on Earth in 30 minutes. Not that great, eh?


I hope you're right, especially if they get here before we get there. I am optimistic. But I will not be blinded by my optimism.

I might not be. I'm hopeful, but I'm not naive, either.

If I'm not right, what could we do to stop them, anyways? They crossed the stars to reach us, after all...

So, first priority is to not sneak right up behind them, and jam our thumb up their buttholes. wink

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