Yes, I know what you mean. I also think in the end it's better do understand how things are working instead of copy and paste. It might be sometimes faster, but if you want to be more prepared for future things, it's better to understand what it really does.

I had also the vision back those days that if we really understood how the whole instrumentation is working, it might be possible to configure some standard instruments with a simple textfile, you write in the coordinates, the scale and kind of the gauge or MFD you like to display in 3D. Thought this could eventually be done with variables in the code, but I can really imagine that this would be a hard coding work and sadly I'm not able to help with something like this, of course I really would.

I looked at the sourcecode back those days and I even could not follow the whole structure at all. So many different parts which are all dependent from each other and you have to jump from here to there. If you already have problems to understand the coding itself this makes the whole attempt to recognize only a small part of it totally impossible.

I really admire the hard work you and Javelin have done to realize many things, that without you never could have been possible.

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