I checked the Hind, but it has a different scale for speed. Just related to that though, the Hind does have a few instruments I'd like to reuse - the Main ADI is more like the one in the Blackshark, also the Engine temperature gauges, the clock, the rotor blade pitch, and the fuel gauge (I have the fuel needle working, but I want to check how it is done in the Hind code, as I'm not sure I have the right calculation).

The youtube video uses an existing function (img_rotate) in his code (I might check out the xplane source code and see what that function does), so he's just feeding it values. In our code, the angle to rotate (theta) is calculated, and then passed to "something" that rotates the object by that amount. There's some conversion from degrees to radians, and radians to degrees going on, and I need to work out how the linear value is translated to rotation using the functions. In the past, I used existing code, or trial and error to get it to work. But I want to try and figure it out, and then document it. It might take a little longer, but it'll be better in the long run to know these things and have them in the wiki.