I think I made some bigger textures to test what's even possible. I really don't know it anymore sigh

There were so many things the last two years, I really couldn't remember what exactly I did for the KA-50 project, sorry!

I hope this time with the MI-28, I don't have to halt the work before I'm completely finished with the things I'm able to do. But at least that's sadly not always my decision, that's the way life is (at least how my own life was the last 20 years - it's also the reason my homepit project never finished until now - started with it in 1998!)

I really would like to do the complete work for a helicopter by my own, so noone must deal with the things I made (sometimes certainly not really accurate), but sadly I'm not able to do any coding, which is absolutely required to get any instruments or other things running. I also considered to learn coding, so that I'm able to make all those things too, but I simply haven't enough time for it, even though it seems that I will have more time now than the last years of my life.

If I start to learn coding also, the hompit project is on hold for minimum the next two years again. And the way my life is, I try to use the time it seems that nothing new unexpected will happen, to finish the dream of my last over twenty years. The last twenty years sadly it never worked for me, so I hope this time it will, but who knows?

All I can do is helping with 3D models of cockpits or helicopters. Even the animations are something I could not realize at the moment, but I think this is something I'm at least able to learn.

That's also the reason I try to make as much as possible if I have the time for it, cause I never know what comes next. Sadly I'm no "robocop".

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