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I have been a skeptic of UFO sightings in the past. Not a disbeliever, a skeptic.
But these sightings seem quite credible and come with visual recordings.
If these are not alien craft, what are the possible terrestrial explanations?
If these were secret advanced craft of ours, would we not simply tell the pilots this was classified information and not to speak of it publically?

Sentient Alien races do not possess the technology of the Tic Tac, it's maneuver's are beyond what is possible for all life in this Universe so there is just one race where that Spaceship could originate and it is not from this Universe so we'll narrow it down. I'll give some clues: 1/ they built the Pyramids 2/ they built the Great Wall of China 3/ they left monuments everywhere that no one can explain. 4/ they did events that are recorded in a book and are directly responsible for all of them including a big flood that covered the Earth. They have other Space Ships that come here to Earth not just the one called Tic Tac that is cigar shaped. So why are they here...to help HumanKind and they are from Heaven.

Well you are close they are the Fallen angels you refer too but they are not here to help us.. that is a myth told by the new age movement..

The fallen Angels as you refer to do not possess that sort of technology otherwise Earth would be in worse shape than it is now and there would be no internet. The fallen Angels include:
Satan, Baal, Ashera, Domionartius, Balun Gong, Ala, Michael and FC are not capable nor qualified to fly anything not even a Cessna lol.

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