Back to the Aurora and cleaning up the map!

I headed directly back to the Aurora. Since I couldn't find an entrance in the stern or side, I headed straight to the bow to find entry. Seeing no sign of Sammy & Friends, I carefully worked my way around the nose section looking for entry. It took a while, but eventually I found a way in. I had to use the propulsion cannon to move a few cargo crates out of the way, but I got into the ship. I was able to move about fairly well with only a few obstacles. Some damaged doors needed repair, some fires needed extinguishing, and some doors needed passcodes that were conveniently available on discarded PDA's.

The PDA's also included some flavor text as well as some backstory on our mission. It seems we are on a rescue mission of sorts. I've seen "Dagasi" mentioned a few times, and that appears to be the name of a ship which we were meant to search for. I wonder if the structure on the island that I saw earlier has some connection there? Or is it something alien related? I also found out through the course of my travels that the damage to the Aurora also damaged most of the lifepods, which explains why I haven't found any other survivors. I also found my character's name - Ryley Robinson. Oh yeah - the damage to the Aurora was caused by some unknown type of weapon. So that's another thing to wonder about.

I was able to access just about every location I could find, save the Captain's Quarters. That requires a passcode I was unable to find on the ship. I am reasonably certain I found everything else on board, so that code must be elsewhere. My guess is on a PDA in one of the lifepods I haven't found yet.

Some of the cooler items I recovered include a depth upgrade for my Seamoth. Not sure how much deeper I can go, but I'll be looking to check that out fairly soon. I also completed the blueprint for the Cyclops. I have to find one more bridge part and one more hull part to complete that vehicle. Oh and I unlocked the Prawn Suit. I can't make it yet, as I haven't gotten the blueprint for the Aerogel it requires (nor do I know the ingredients for that item). I'm assuming I'll have to branch out to some different biomes for some of the materials I need but haven't sourced yet. Included in that list are Magnetite and Rubies. There are probably a few other things as well, but those are off the top of my head.

I managed to seal the radiation leak in the Aurora, which I think means I can go back to using my rebreather mask instead of the radiation helmet in that area. That's good, I've done some resource gathering enroute to the ship and went below 100m a few times, which increases O2 use without the rebreather. The biggest obstacle here was the numerous "bleeder" leach like creatures that I've tangled with a few times before. As soon as I saw them swimming, I grabbed my propulsion cannon and did some bleeder-flinging. I found if I shot them at the wall that would take care of them. Standing on the catwalk, I was able to grab and chuck them all, so they didn't bother me in the least when I was patching up the reactor.

After calling the Aurora done for now, I started heading back to my base. Looking at the map, there was an annoying little triangle of black in the midst of a mostly mapped area. It was only a slight deviation from a straight line back to my base, so I figured I'd go check it out. Turns out there was a wreck there, and I got the first piece of a stasis rifle. Not sure what that is, but since the propulsion cannon was so much fun flinging bleeders and crabs around, I figure the stasis cannon could be equally enjoyable!

Next up I think is a trip back to the island. I want to get a look at that structure some more and see if I missed anything. While I'm in the area, I'll do some deep diving with my new Seamoth upgrade as well. There's sure to be some tasty finds down there!

Elite Dangerous: CMDR JohnnyChemo
MWO: Johnny Keemo

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