I'm using the model that Viper updated. I had to add the door in, as there was a door shaped hole biggrin

Most of the hard work for the needles was done when i worked out how to get them in the Havoc. So it's quite easy for me now.

The hard part is working out the rotation maths.

For example, the airspeed scale from 0 - 50 is different from 50 onwards. So the needle has to move at one scale up to 50, then a different scale after that. The calculations use radians, and I'm not sure how it works.

This is an example of the calc for the Engine RPM


		leng_rpm = bound((current_flight_dynamics->left_engine_rpm.value), 0.0, 110.0);

		leng_rpm *= rad (305.0) / 100.0;

		search.result_sub_object->relative_roll = -leng_rpm;

It's the rad (x) / y part that I need to work out what effect it has.