Hi Guys, Just thought I'd start another thread on Exported MFD's since that's what I'm working on.

I have the Mi-24 Hind Map MFD up and running. I had to drop the resolution down to 256 from 1024 to get the exported MFD to look decent. The routine that exports the textures auto reduces the texture down to 256 by skipping pixel rows in the original texture, so angled lines end up as a dashed mess. The moving map was a jittery mess after it chopped out 3/4'ths of the detail. At 256 pixels it looks quite nice, just lower resolution than I think it should be. I may have to look at the export screen functions to see if I can fix that.

I don't quite know how to take a screen shot of the export screens, so this will have to do. I guess I could get a phone camera. Maybe next time.

I'm going to add a second MFD to the Hind next, a Flight instruments screen, then I'll go back to the Mi-28 Havoc.

**** OK Guys, here is the download so you can test out multiple MFD's on a second monitor. **************
The Hover Mods are in here, the MFD Export fixes are in here, and the Ka-50N Night Shark upgrade with FLIR is in here, and the MFD video contrast upgrade is in here.
The joysitck Deadband fix is in here too, and the commserver fix is in here too (for you cockpit builders). 7/13/19
The Havoc Engine Gauges have been fixed now too, we are up to cohokum_test16.exe now. 7/20/19
I also added a Heading dampener into the Hover modes, since there is no joystick deadband now. 7/21/19

Hover & MFD Export Mods Files, cohokum_test16.exe

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