@ Panzer - haven't played Strike Fighters, but I probably should.

That said, I still love me some Falcon BMS here or there, because it still captures the dynamic, unpredictable battlefield like no other that those early Microprose sims "seemed" to have.

What's not to love in 1986's Gunship, flying around the map in a hulking death metal bird that churns the air into cloudy, smokey chum as your rain hot death and hellfire onto melting armored corpses as soldiers scurry for cover while clutching their prayer beads? Gunship 2000 was pretty badass, too.

And then the 'ole homestead strafing run in F-19 Stealth fighter, just for good measure to keep your adversary's peasants in check after a recon run gone bad. #%&*$# those Mig-29s. Got 'em all. And now they'll pay for spilling my coffee from my camelback.

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