It's easy to look past the shortcomings of the VR implementation, as it's so immersive. I'm playing the game exclusively in VR and it's an amazing experience. Yes, the interface is a little clunky, and yes, true VR controller support would be preferable, but those things are adequate at the moment IMHO.

So my next chapter in the adventure is somewhat shorter, not as much time in game the last few days due to RL, but I thought I'd throw an update out. I had some chance discoveries and another trip to the ship.

Armed with my newly fashioned laser cutter, I set out to the Aurora to look for some more odds and ends. I want to at least get the Moonpool bp so I can do some upgrades on the SeaMoth and spend a little more time out and about with it. With that as my goal, I headed out.

Along the way, I came upon a debris field that I had previously explored. With the cutter, new parts of the field would now be open (literally!) to me so I spent a little time cutting through some doors and looking about. I wound up with battery charger (yay!) and propulsion cannon blueprints, as well as a few things I'll need the modification station for (ultra fins, lightweight high cap O2 tank). Not much more of value was discovered there, so I headed back to the Aurora.

Before I got there, though, I ran across a couple more pods. I had received radio calls for both of these, but I had them on the back burner and wasn't actively looking for them. Pod number 6 was sunk with a large hole ripped through the top. The log revealed that a passenger lit a flare inside the pod with the idea of using it to signal for help and touched off an explosion which sunk it. Pod 4 was right next to the Aurora on the surface but inverted. That log revealed they were looking to make radiation suits, apparently they were unsuccessful as no survivors were found. There was a large hole in this pod as well. Given its proximity to the Aurora, the drive explosion from the ship could have caused that damage. Exhausting the finds at the pods, I once again set out to return to the main ship.

I explored along the side of the hull, being VERY careful as I got to the back. I wasn't eager to see Sammy again, but I apparently didn't get close enough to his patrol area to see or even hear him. I worked my way along the side looking for an entrance. Approaching the nose, the structure of the craft becomes much less...intact lets the damage from the crash and explosion is very evident. I was able to get inside the very front part of the nose which prompted my PDA to tell me that in 24 hours the radiation would do BAD THINGS to the flora and fauna of the region. I guess I now have a mission. I looked briefly around, as I was just about ready to call it night, and out the front of the craft, off in the distance I saw...Sammy! Great. There's another one of them. I got inside with no issues, and I don't think he'll fit through the openings, so I should be safe here as long as I stick to the hull while I'm travelling around the craft. I guess I'll find out anyway!

With these new blueprints and knowledge I set back to my base, deciding first to stop at my pod as my food was running low and it was closer. I caught a few fish, cooked myself up a meal, and returned to the base. As I was leaving I noticed that the gaspods and stalkers seem much closer to my pod location than in the past. Either their territories are drifting into the pod, the pod is drifting into them, or my memory is faulty. Something to keep an eye on anway.

After stowing my gear and the resources I acquired, I decided that the "propulsion cannon" item was something I had to try out right away. I'm not going to lie, the caution against trying it out on organic material made it even more compelling. After leaving the base, the first thing I targeted was the biter that likes to hang out in my SeaMoth parking area and nip at my ship (and me, the little turd). I caught him and flung him off into the distance! It didn't seem to kill him, but it was immensely satisfying!! I swam around to see what else I could catch and fling. I found some debris, it was easy enough to pick up and move about, but the real question was can I shoot it at a stalker? Answer - yes I can! It didn't seem to effect him much though. I tried to grab the stalker with the cannon, but I couldn't. That was unfortunate, because I thought I might be able to use it against the reaper. Guess not. I also was not able to use it on my SeaMoth, a shame since I thought I may be able to free my stuck one with it. I'm still not giving up on that one. When I return to the island I have a couple of ideas I want to try out. I spent a few more minutes grabbing and shooting things/fish etc and decided to call it a night.

Next up is a return trip to the Aurora to see about stopping that radiation, as well as exploring for more and better equipment/blueprints. I'm also going to set up a grav trap and see if that will collect fish for me so I don't have to chase them down all the time for food. Oh and I'll probably do a little fish shooting as well!

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