Exporting the MFD's to a second monitor is not really very hard. You turn it on in the ini file, and in Windows you have to place the second screen at the upper-right corner of monitor #1.
I have a mini widescreen monitor that fits the Cougar F-16 MFD button frames on it on a piece of plexiglass I can take on and off. Positioned right below my main monitor, it works great as a set of MFD's. Was about $60 for the Cougars, $50 for the monitor.

I made this in a very similar way in my pit and also used an old flat screen behind my panel, leaving a hole behind the MFD displays.

Sadly I never had the time to test the screen exporting with EECH, cause I also wanted to make the pit compatible with BMS, DCS and the FSX. For those sim many solutions exist and I wanted to get this running first, cause I thought this would be much more simple than EECH. After finishing the work at those simulations, I wanted to do the harder work and get EECH also running. Sadly I never got that far.