We don't know if the modernised version was widely used in real life. I'd like to stick with the current cockpit type, but do it well.

Then if we get more details, we could add the modernised one as a different version. Similar to Apache A/D/E

As far as I know, the KA-50 was never really used in real live. It was always more a prototype to test new technology. It had only one mission to test an operation purpose.

Only 11 KA-50 were ever produced. Some of them crashed and the other were scraped. The version that accomplished mission ready state is the KA-52 Alligator, which is an advanced, redesigned version of the KA-50.

The remaining 6 KA-50 were sometimes equipped with new avionics to test new systems or were sent to airshows to get new customers for it. They also tried to sell a version named KA-50-2 to Turkey, but they prefered the TAI T-129 Atak from Augusta.

This is what the german Wiki page states about the KA-50. The english one is totally different and the information is related two the whole KA-50 series, also including the KA-52 series. So the number of KA-50 stated in service is much more than at the german page, because they also add the KA-52 to the KA-50 series.

I don't know if those informations are correct, cause we all know that Wiki is not always exact, but what I'm really sure of is that the KA-50 never was produced in larger numbers and mostly only was used to test new avionics and weapon systems.

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