Not only am I lazy, but I'm extremely cheap too. I tend to take the easy way and if there is already something like crab salad or potato salad at the Walmart deli I'll buy those and doctor them up. I find they have way too much dressing, and I can stretch them considerably by just adding more of the other stuff. I buy celery, onions, and canned diced potatoes to add to the potato salad. My cousin recently gave me a smoked paprika spice can (pimenton de la vera on the label) that is soooo much than just regular. Oh and dill, lots of dill for the potato salad and the crab salad. The crab salad I'll buy imitation crab flakes and break those up into the store bought crab salad. I do both of these in much larger bowls than the original packaging. Celery for the crab salad too. If I want to get fancy I'll buy a package of pre-cooked small frozen shrimp and add about 1/5 of the package to my crab salad making it more of a seafood salad. If I'm not making it for my mom I'll add some horseradish to give it some kick.

Three bean salad from the canned isle is another good one, I'll buy no salt dark red kidney beans and after rinsing the kidney beans dump them in with the three bean salad(don't need to rinse the three bean salad. Then slice up some banana pepper rings into it. More dill, my sister told me some well to do women her boyfriend crewed for had a saying "when in doubt, dill". lol If you want a kick some cloves of garlic yet and a garlic press, and shake a bunch of turmeric into it because it's supposed to be good for you. You could probably turmeric the potato salad too. Turmeric has a mustardish taste. Once I've eaten on the bean salad for awhile I'll dump another can of the dark red kidney beans into it. Maybe add some apple cider vinegar if it's lost some kick. Good eats, cheap. LOL