Thanks Messyhead, I got the email. The trq_gauge.eeo file is the one I really need the most.

I've been digging through the code, so far I've found a number of locations where the code needs to be altered.
In _vckpt.c there is a define section, initialize, deinitialize, and draw sections that reference the MFD. All need changes to add a new MFD.
in _mfd.c the are the same sections, plus draw_to_texture for exported mfd's, and a draw_to_screen section.

There is also an overlay MFD section in _mfd.c, not quite sure what that's for yet.
This one is interesting because it renders directly to a transparent quad on the screen, not through a separate 3D MFD object.
If I can figure out how to convert the coordinates to a location on the cockpit model, this might be a direct way to add the engine gauges.

I'll know more after I try a few experiments this weekend.

Exporting the MFD's to a second monitor is not really very hard. You turn it on in the ini file, and in Windows you have to place the second screen at the upper-right corner of monitor #1.
I have a mini widescreen monitor that fits the Cougar F-16 MFD button frames on it on a piece of plexiglass I can take on and off. Positioned right below my main monitor, it works great as a set of MFD's. Was about $60 for the Cougars, $50 for the monitor.