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'When someone sees a potentialy good flight sim which one played every day 20 years ago and then nothing on the flight sim market........ one goes crazy

I just have so many good memories from Air Warrior and Warbirds 1990's times..... i want them to come back'

It's the "nothing on the flight sim market" I'm struggling to understand. As I said earlier...Warbirds has had evolving versions with the most current being a 2019 release. If those aren't hitting the mark for you...Wild Bill has been at the helm for years...I can't see what the excitement is about knowing he's still involved.

From the announcement I understand that MicroProse is developing this new version, which means this Mr. David Lagettie is doing the Unreal Engine 4 version, Wild Bill is a sales guy and not a programmer? This Mr. David Lagettie sounds like he has plenty of experience doing simulators for the military.