Hmmm...maybe because:

A. They weren't that good

B. Nothing really different than the available stuff in Sims

C. Graphically challenged...and still is.

Flights sims are a niche, MMO flight sims are a niche of a niche, they were very good and fun, anyone who played those games back in the day can vouch for this.

Graphicaly they will always be a little behind the curve because it's a MMO, needs more data to transfer with many players than your usual game.


Before we go any further discussing this mouse controlled "flight sim"...

In the interest of transparency:

Do you have a financial interest in this "sim"?

Are you an employee of the "developer" and/or "publisher" of this "sim"?

Thanks in advance for the transparency.

lol, i answered this question a couple of pages earlier.

'When someone sees a potentialy good flight sim which one played every day 20 years ago and then nothing on the flight sim market........ one goes crazy

I just have so many good memories from Air Warrior and Warbirds 1990's times..... i want them to come back'