Given current tensions I thought I might hop into a sim and run the scenario above from a command/cockpit POV just for the current affairs interest.

I've got the full CMANO package but that doesn't really cover it out of the box(es) - anyone know of user made CMANO scenarios that might?

And I have DCS Persian Gulf but I suck at mission building in DCS, and can't find a user made mission set or campaign that matches the above combatants (or close). I guess I could just do USA v Russia single missions on the Gulf map, but that would only be half interesting.

I'm pondering things like:

- how easy would it be to lay something like a CHAMP missile on an Iranian (or Korean for that matter) nuclear facility and temporarily knock it out
- how much of a threat to a US carrier strike group are Iranian Kalat/Houdong class missile boats, if teamed with Moudge and Sahand class frigates and their new Fateh subs
- if a Coalition put similar air assets into a conflict with Iran as it did in Syrian Operation Inherent Resolve, how long would it take to achieve air superiority over Iran (hours, days, weeks?) assuming Iran could quickly 'borrow' Russian anti-air systems like the S-400 with some Russian 'advisers' to crew them.

Not so interested in ground war as I can't see that ever happening.

Simple weapons platform questions, ignoring the complex geopoltics, I know.


PS and of course I hope it never happens, just thinking of the 'what if'

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