I have a feeling the shapes are different. You can search online for the texture pack, I don't want to link to it here.

I will take a look at them. I think I already have them, because I also own a lot of the DCS modules but never had the time before to fly any of them.

I think the DCS model has separate geometry for dials, and other parts. It seems that way when you look at the texture files. If we get the PSD files, then it might be possible to re-arrange them textures so they match the existing cockpit.

I also thought about something similar. Maybe we could use the textures as a basis for recreated matching textures. True to the motto "take something here and something there and bake something new" biggrin But it's not always possible, cause this way you loose details like scratches etc. a worn realistic looking pit has, cause you must have a relatively clean surface to put the parts together without a visible transition.

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