@Viper, would you mind redoing the cockpit UV maps with the new textures if I send you them? I think your texturing skills are better than mine. I can work on the code changes needed to get everything working.

Yes, I will do my best, but I have to relearn the whole 3D a bit biggrin I remeber that UV-mapping was a tricky thing.

I think before we really use those textures, we should absolutely be sure that Ricardo owns the right for them. If there is any material used from ED, I would better not use them.

It's not worth to risk a confrontation with ED and this could also be the end of EECH, at least the trouble would stop the project for a while. As far as I found out Devrim only adapted Ricardos textures. Ricardo made many oft the textures by it's own, using photos he had made, but if there is anything based on or left from ED, this could really be dangerous.

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