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Hi Messyhead, I took a look in LightWave at your Mi-28 needles file. I see a slightly different model for every needle. Can't we do it with one needle model copied and renamed 20 times, then inserted into the scene file? I can handle the start position and movement with one equation, resulting in one simple rotation command. A little easier than altering the model for every gauge.

I had to use separate needle objects. If you used one object, copied it, then renamed and moved it to the right position, then when it loads, it would have given the single object the new position. I think I might have tried that and found problems. If you can work out how to do it with a single object, then that would be better.

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And how do you place the needles into the scene file in the correct spot? It seems to me that would take either a lot of trial and error, or some way to insert the textured cockpit in as a reference.

To get the needles in the right place, I opened the cockpit model, then added each needle to the cockpit in a new layer, and positioned it in the right place. I then saved each needle as a separate object in the rigt position. Then when I loaded them into the scene, they were in the right place. I also loaded the cockpit model into the scene to check, and then removed the cockpit model before saving the scene. I find the scene editor quite tricky to use, in terms of being able to move things around. I keep meanig to try and find a good tutorial on using the scene editor.