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The Fiero was a death trap.

And Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16...with only a 22" (56 cm) waist! biggrin

Some myths are persistent, but when you investigate you sometimes find the opposite to be true...

"The Fiero was the second safest vehicle sold in America from 1984 to 1988, bested by the Volvo 740DL station wagon."

"The Fiero, with its unique plastic body-on-spaceframe design, helped the Fiero achieve a NHTSA NCAP frontal crash test rating of five stars, the highest rating available."


Yes, there were Fiero car fires in the first year of production due to a major design flaw (never affected the later V6's), but it was corrected the following year and no one died because of it. The consensus is that by 1988, GM had finally gotten the Fiero right (including an awesome new suspension)...and then they killed it! mad

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