You need to reign it in and dial the attacks down a couple notches...consider this a warning. You don't have to attack in many of these counter posts...just use facts


Originally Posted by Dondy
And if someone dares to simply discuss this simulation and or some of its modules you and others just come rushing in every time to teach us just how ignorant we are to have FUN with DCS. How dare we ...

This is quite frankly...a crock of crap. I counted the threads on the first page...28 threads below this are folks just talking about using DCS...and not getting attacked. Stuff like "Kiss Landings" and "Landing - Overhead Break" TWO...yes...TWO threads out of 30 on the first page are of the critical nature. But of don't want to participate in the civil discussions. Instead, you come into a thread that's called "Just when you thought ED couldn't go any lower" and que up the violins in the background on how you'll be attacked if you post anything positive.

Some people only see what they want to see.

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