Winfield, Im simply stating I would come here to SimHQ to read about what others have done in the sims I enjoy. How they tackled a situation that frustrated them and how I could become better at the sim or game. I didn't post much because I didn't have answers for others on how to better utilize the complex engine management of the BF-109 in IL-2. Or how to set up the campaign on Falcon 4.0 to suppress the enemy air defenses in the first days of the Korean campaign etc. My lack of posts means nothing. I am not attacking you personally, so I feel no reason for you to be so animated about it. I even said in my post that I respect and understand your opinion. You should do the same for others.

The table analogy is just that. An analogy. Its purpose was to say one business is not responsible for anothers failures. Its my opinion that ED is not responsible for the promises made by another developer for the WWII kickstarter fiasco. I understand you want ED to fail. That's fine, I wish they would change things too but I don't want any sim developer to fail because I do want the option to purchase games. I don't mean to speak for you, but being as you frequent a video game forum I would assume you would also like more options for this genre. If I am totally incorrect in this assumption then I apologize.

May I be so frank as to ask what you want from ED when it comes to DCS World? I think we would have a better understanding of each other if we knew what we liked and disliked about the game. For me, I think a lack of a good single player campaign has set this game back. I would also like them to complete a module before moving on to another. Those are my top two gripes with DCS World. With that said however, I do not know the coding complexities of my complaints. I would think the campaign issue is fixable since other games from earlier decades have done it. I've yet to have a game I was completely 100% happy with. However, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of games like EAW, Janes f-15, Falcon 4.0, IL-2, and now with DCS. Again, non perfect but all (I feel) worth my money that I chose to spend on them. So I am here to have a friendly and civil conversation on what we would like to see done, what we have liked in the game, what we hate in the game etc. I will not argue with you over who is right as opinions cannot be right or wrong.

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