It’s been a busy few days but I finally managed to squeeze in a little gaming time last night. The plan for the evening was to checkout the lost lifepod 19 which was deep in a trench to my South east, and depending on time maybe check out the crash site of the Aurora. That has been a goal for a while, and now that I have a radiation suit I’ll go ahead and check it out.

First, here's an updated picture of the base. There's a scanner room addition on the right and SeaMoth parking on the left.

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Enroute to 19 I found another unexploited debris field, so the pod would have to wait. It wound up being a nice treasure trove , including blueprints for the moon pool (1 part anyway), thermal generator (complete), the multipurpose room (1 part) and a few other odds and ends. In the midst of this, a leech-like critter latched onto my arm and wound up killing me before I was able to get it off. I respawned in my base, but my SeaMoth remained at the debris sight, so it was a slow swim back. I completed my investigation, and discovered the current depth limit of the SeaMoth is 200m, I started getting warnings and damage when I attempted to go lower. When I get all the pieces for the moonpool I’ll be able to upgrade it, but for now it’s going to be limited to 200m.

I got as close as I could to the site of pod 19 in the ‘Moth and set out to checkout the pod. I picked up another piece or two of blueprint but nothing else of mind-blowing value was found. I poked around the caves a bit and found some lithium and a diamond, both of which were first time finds. I see now the value of the flashlight (boy is it dark down there!) and the pathfinder tool. I had used the pathfinder as a way to mark bits of ship items I had already scanned too. I found the caves a bit disorienting in the dark so the pathfinder will be helpful in helping me get back out. I decided I’d seen enough and went back to my base.

Hey Nineteen....
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Into the deep, dark.....
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I deposited my new finds. Finding the diamond triggered a recording to be played which stated that all items I found were property of the company and that would have to reimburse them full market value for any found items not returned. Apparently I’m into them for a cool 3 mill right now. They can deduct it from the settlement of the lawsuit I’m gonna file against them for getting me lost here!

Heading to the Aurora, again I hit a debris field enroute. No good finds here though, sadly As I got closer to the ship, I started coming across storage lockers and grabbed a few items of use from them. I also started finding Cyclops bits. Apparently this is one big ship, as there seem to be sub components you have to have before being able to build it. I got 2/3 pieces for the engine and scanned another piece only to find out it was piece 1/3 for the bridge. So I’ve got some collecting to do.

I went around the back of the ship and the atmosphere became much different. It was very dark, even in daylight. I heard the roar of...something...and it sounded big. I found some more debris but before I could get out and scan it, the something grabbed the ‘Moth! I got a look at a long snake like body with tentacles coming off the face - I think, I mean he didn’t exactly sit still for a picture, and teeth. Lots of teeth. He managed to destroy my SeaMoth but I was able to get away safely.

I’m not going to lie - that freaked me out a little bit. I got back to my base and crafted a new ‘Moth. I was getting low on food and water, so I went out and did a little fishing and gathering to get a little inventory up. Once I got my food/water full again I decided to call it a night.

There were a few items I wished to make which I needed more supplies for - primarily copper. I’m going to have to spend a little time doing some gathering before my next exploration expedition. In looking though some of my log entries, I saw a reference to a land mass that was to be used as a survivor rally point. I’ve got a general distance and direction to that point, so I’m going to see what’s there before heading back to the Aurora. And I’ve still got some pods to find, but those are low on my priority list right now.

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