Microprose truly was epic. They made great games and the whole Sim Game thing happen. I could care less about any new products.

I still love EAW - European Air War but I've retired from that even after 20 years.
Its like driving a classic car. You're never going to replace it with something new.
You would have to for one get the old programmers together and that is unlikely. And also producing a decent game is more than just programming, just like making a movie to need director, actors, editing, cinematographers, etc. all to combine right to get in the Awards, etc.

I prefer the olds days frankly and my memories as far as Microprose is concerned. May they RIP.

That said, I accept some remake cars can be cool even if I don't drive them.

Since I always dabbled in webpage making its interesting to note that if you look at the html source code of the index page fof microprose.com
       Template Name: Microprose
       Author: TK
       Version: 0.1

It would be interesting maybe if TK is the same TK of Microprose and if he has any hand in a new product.

But then again I'm not exactly holding my breath.