I managed to squeeze a little play time in last night with the SeaMoth. First, in VR it's a little VR-Sickness inducing! Not as bad as tooling around the surface of a planet in Elite, but it's noticeable. I'll have to build that tolerance back up again for prolonged sessions! I basically spent the night flying around and seeing what it could do.

First thing I found out is I could use it to slap around stalkers, which I did a few times as payback (but they got me back somewhat, more on that later). I cruised to pod 17, which was near some caves and had been broken open. Spent a bit of time there, but didn't find anything I hadn't already scanned. So I walked away with a bit of titanium for that. I tried slapping some sand sharks around too, but they can actually deal a little damage to the SeaMoth. Not enough to worry about, but it brought the integrity down a few points. I'll probably not bother with them too much.

I returned the base and tried using the repair tool on the SeaMoth to bring it back up to 100%, and it worked - yay! Looks like it's charge lasts a good while, so I'll make a backup power cell for it but I won't travel with it until the charge gets much lower. DB, I see what you mean about the SeaMoth opening things up. You can travel pretty much with impunity so far (though I'm sure there are some bigger nasties that will find it a tasty morsel) and it generates it own O2, so surfacing is less of an issue. I figure I can use it for the deeper dives as a sort of base, at least to replenish my oxygen between scavenging expeditions.

I went into my scanner room and started playing around with that a bit more, specifically using the camera drones. I brought up wrecks on the scanner and attempted to fly a drone to the wreck on scanner to see if I could then use the drone as a marker for the wreck location. I got close but never actually found the wreck site I was looking for. Of course, the stalkers decided the camera drone was a toy and began swimming around with it (their revenge for me and the SeaMoth I guess!). As I said I didn't have much time to mess around with this, so I'll be looking into it a bit more when I have more time available, hopefully this weekend.

I also got a new pod location via radio. Pod 7 sent some coordinates, so I'll go and check them out. First, though, I want to get back to pod 19 and the deeper areas to see if some of the materials I've been looking for are there. I'd like to get some lithium and diamonds. Diamonds specifically for the laser cutter. I want to use it to try and cut into the areas of wreckage I can't access yet. The tool description seems to indicate this is possible, and if so I'm confident there are some juicy bp's available inside.

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