Have not posted much in a long time. Events at our job have created a entire new world for me. Had to sign new work contracts after 25 years of
living on the job. Read through this new world order and decided it was time to say I am to burned out of dealing 24/7/365 to take on your contract.
We retired from managing Garden Terrace Apts. Was bittersweet. Been wanting out it for so long.

It mentally destroys you. I have lost more friends that lived here in this time then many funeral directors see. Personally finding a dozen dead in
welfare checks. I need to decompress. had a breakdown this past winter after finding my best friend dead. And it was 5 days after the fact.

We are officially RETIRED.

Now our new Life begins in Spokane Washington at the Courts at Indian Canyon on July 15th. Wife transferred jobs within Walmart and moved
up to training the academy manager trainees. Big step up in pay and only 4 mile away. I am going to take easy for a couple weeks unpacking
and discovering my new world before I make a leap into a new career. Plenty of money set aside and probably just jump into it

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