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I'm full of life and optimism these days, but there's absolutely nothing here that makes me think the original Microprose is being resurrected and that any of the classics are coming back in any way whatsoever. Nothing. Them days are long gone and we were fortunate enough to live them. smile

Well...your reply is curious to me.

There certainly is something that should be making you think something or other is happening in the vein of this company doing something in the arena of simulation that covers the era that their past iteration covered.

The 'classics' from MicroProse returning in 'any way whatsoever' is to me, both unrealistic and unwanted. Those 'classics' had limited scope in many way due to restrictions of the time. I don't want Silent Service with the proverbial 'better graphics'...I want a better sim than Silent Service. And I see no reason MicroProse might not develop it, unless I am assuming that since they aren't the same company I knew in the '80s, they must be poised to fail.

I'm sorry but your reply has very little optimism in my opinion. It is rather very pessimistic.

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